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The Good
- Opochtli
- The Daggers and their lovely alcohol
- Apex Predation
- The MACH unit for continuing to be themselves
- Gaia. Sitting in the bar and hearing the Voice for the first time was epic
- Badly planned assassination attempts
- Inquisition Party!
- The Weaver Churches attempt to alienate themselves completely
- The native's response to the Weaver church
- The return of the Bastet Old Guard
- The screaming rows with the Old Guard
- The return of the Old Guard's physreps
- Huntress Church screaming matches
- Wedding!
- "Brother of Paradise". "Does this mean I can take my kids outside and introduce them to Uncle Flower?"
- Dram of ALL the drugs
- Gin Tang
- Raoul for... well, everything.
- The Bastet, for continuing to be themselves in the face of annihilation
- Drake's new toys
- The dawning dread as I realised exactly who Drake has just watched get killed
- (Long overdue) conversations with natives
- Breaking the Curse of Sundays (even if only by missing Sunday's worth of game time on Saturday instead...)

The Not-So-Good
- The mud, the endless rivers of mud. Almost makes you wish for lamentation
- Lord Sun and facepaint not getting on
- Rather bad medication withdrawal symptoms leaving me feeling exceedingly ill all weekend
- No Noah
- The growing realization that I am serving almost no purpose being on that field.

All in all not a bad event, but not a great one either. Some definite highlights, but I was a lot more bored than I was hoping I would be at the penultimate event.

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The GoodCollapse )

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The Good
- The parent being extremely generous and getting us to the site on Thursday despite it being a school night. Thanks mum!
- Drinking with the Lower City.
- The Bastet's competance level being significantly higher than usual
- Bastet-related romances and revelations
- Getting to perform another wedding
- Good relations with the natives
- Sake
- Rantsin
- Getting to play host for once
- Having an IC tent
- Finding out that FOIP's soul went to FOIP
- Straddling the fence becoming even more uncomfortable than I was expecting
- Story Time!
That Weaver shrine
- Colony politics
- The Freeloaders, as per usual
- The undead
- The arena fights.
- Skrag and Cartwright and the King of Flambard.
- The newly minted coins
- The IC ramifications of some of the stuff Drake saw (and some of it he didn't)

The Bad
- Continued examples of unsafe fighting. I'm absolutely furious that people still seem to think that sort of thing is acceptable
- Not getting to Supplicate
- Drake's Bad Stuff very much triggering Peter's own issues. It's no-one's fault but my own for letting myself get so involved with the character, but the serious blows to Drake's pride did serious damage to my own self confidence.
- Generally feeling, IC and OOC, like I'm achieving very little on the field.
- The lack of a Noah
- Only 4 more Maelstrom events to go, coupled with a general lack of interest in Empire
- Getting wax on Drake's hat. It's meant to be 40 or so years old and a bit battered but really people, if you see it dripping on there then fucking tell me THEN not the next day.
- The cold on Saturday night
- Not eating nearly enough and as a result not feeling able to time in on Sunday.
- Not being able to find my IC passport. For some reason this is bothering me far, far more than it should be. Have torn up the bedroom in an effort to find it but to no avail. It's driving me up the wall. It shouldn't be, it's just a piece of paper, but it's really really bothering me.

All in all, probably the worst event I've had all year. Not anyone's fault, primarily due to my own bad headspace. And because the other 3 were so good by comparison.

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